Amazon Wave Accounting Integration with taxomate

taxomate automates accounting by importing Amazon purchases into Wave
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Tired of manually entering amazon sales data in Wave Financial? Amazon Seller Central Wave Integration will change how you manage your FBA business.

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✓ Easily reconcile and record amazon sales in wave.

✓ Takes the pain away from manually matching sales against the lump sum deposited by Amazon.

✓ Import your amazon com quickbooks settlements to taxomate in a format that can be easily exported to Wave Financial accounting system

✓ Posting Amazon Marketplace expenses, sales, refunds, and other fees in Wave for quick and easy reconciliation.
✓ No more manually entering amazon seller marketplace transactions to Wave App.

✓ Save countless hours per month with taxomate's automatic exporting to Wave.

✓ Spend more time on the important parts of your Amazon selling business.

✓ Sit back and relax!

✓ Turn on auto sync to automatically import and send your settlements to Wave when they are available.

✓Automatically map your Amazon statement to your accounts in Wave or let taxomate create the accounts for you!

✓ Connect Amazon FBA to Wave through the cloud, no desktop app needed.

What is Wave?

  • Powerful, free accounting software.
  • Fast setup with no training required!
  • Unlimited bank and credit card connections.
  • Unlimited income and expense tracking.
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How does taxomate work?

taxomate works by importing settlements Amazon issues, usually every two weeks. We convert the settlement into a sales invoice or journal entry format that can be read by QuickBooks or Xero. The sales invoice or journal entry can then be reconciled against your bi-weekly bank deposit from Amazon.


Does you provide inventory tracking?

At this time we do not provide inventory sync with QuickBooks or Xero. We do allow you to calculate and export summarized COGS invoices.


What is required to use taxomate?

taxomate requires either QuickBooks Online and Xero Accounting (paid separately).

We do not support QuickBooks Self-Employed or QuickBooks Desktop at this time.  


Can I have multiple user accounts with one billing account?

Yes, you can create as many user accounts as you would like and connect to one subscription. Since, the costs per imported order is reduced when you import more, this may save you money if you have many different accounts or clients (e.g., accountants).


Which Amazon Marketplaces does taxomate support?

Amazon Europe: UK, France, Spain, Italy, Germany
Amazon North America: US, Canada, Mexico
Amazon Japan
Amazon Australia


Do you offer support for using taxomate?

We offer one-on-one onboarding for all customers. Our support extends only to use our application and other basic questions. We can not provide accounting or legal advice (e.g., mapping transaction types).


How many Amazon Marketplaces can I connect to each user account?

You can connect as many Amazon Marketplaces to each user account as you would like. At this time, you can only connect one country Marketplace to each user (e.g., one account). You can create multiple users as a workaround.


Does taxomate sync directly with QuickBooks Online or Xero Inventory?

taxomate allows you to calculate your total Cost of Goods Sold (COGS) and send a summarized SKU invoice to QuickBooks or Xero. We do not directly sync with QuickBooks or Xero inventory right now but are working on this feature.